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Design and build floating and fixed buildings
It's simple, fast and useful

Jetties, Harbours, Seafronts, Embankments, Platforms, Man-made islands, Airports, Waste disposals... which can be built in seas, lakes, swamps, etc.
- Patented -

Essential features:

  • work is made on a water surface,
  • is a modular system,
  • SPS-Modules automatically block each other,
  • easy & fast design and realization (thanks to modularity),
  • time completion of construction is extremely less than average (minimum quantity of materials, no compaction is needed, etc),
  • the dimension of the bottom of the water is not larger than the upper deck,
  • it is possible to build in deep water sites,
  • it is possible to construct buildings and general purpose structures,
  • when arranged, it is possible to move, dismount and eliminate whole,
  • designers have enormous room for creation.
Little Deep Module; Light and manageableMedium Deep ModuleHigh deep                Jetty                Seafront                Floating Seafront                Little Island

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