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Design and build floating and fixed buildings
It's simple, fast and useful

Jetties, Harbours, Seafronts, Embankments, Platforms, Man-made islands, Airports, Waste disposals... which can be built in seas, lakes, swamps, etc.
- Patented -

(for shallow and high deep sites)


Not floating Jetties, Harbours, Embankments, Islands...

  1. Built using pilasters that automatically join verticallyto each other. The pilasters are filled with conglomerate (reinforced or not) and or by any kind of material (expanded polystyrene, water, waste materials...)
  2. Pilasters are gradually built by stacking SPS-MODULES one on top of the other (see DRAWING and ANIMATION).
Pilasters built in water


The BASE SPS-Module is provided with a bottom to allow flotation and to equally distribute the weight on the sea bottom.
L'elemento di base GALLEGGIA

The base unit is partially submerged with the addition of conglomerate ballast. Affondamento PARZIALE

Now a new module is easily placed on top. A watertight lip joint is automatically realized. Il 2° elem si poggia sul 1° (parzialmente affondato)

Modules and materials are gradually added until the pilaster is completed.
Il primo pilastro e' il corpo cardine

The next pilaster will be built using the same process. It will be automatically attached to the pilot pilaster by a longitudinal joint i.e. a dovetail. Il 2 pilastro si incastra a fianco

The process will continue until the required number of pilasters is reached.

Insieme di pilastri poggianti dul fondale

Where a current is present, the pilot pilaster will be guided by anchor wires secured to blocks previously emplaced on the bottom.

It is possible to build several pilasters at the same time. by starting construction with several base Modules placed side by side (they automatically lock each other).

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